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White Dwarf Ausgabe Juli 2013 mit 40K Apocalypse CoverAm Samstag erscheint Warhammer 40K Apocalypse und entsprechende Gerüchte machen bereits die Runde. Wie das eben so mit Gerüchten ist, streut jeder etwas dazu und am Ende ist man überrascht, enttäuscht oder vielleicht auch ein bisschen schockiert welche Regeln und Spielmechanismen es letztendlich wirklich ins Regelbuch geschafft haben. Da Neugier etwas ganz menschliches ist und auch der LtCmdrBareik es nicht lassen kann, folgende Quellen, die etwas zur neuen Apokalypse (bzw. jetzt wohl auch im Deutschen „Apocalypse“) Edition von Warhammer 40k, zu sagen haben zu durchstöbern. Also fangen wir an.

Apocalypse40k bezieht sich auf…

…Engrimms Posts auf Apocalypse40K und Warseer zu den neuen Apocalypse Regeln:

How to score Strategic Victory points:

6 objectives as before, each player places 1 in his own DZ, 1 in opponents, and one anywhere on the board.

The book introduces „breaks“ these dont happen after each turn but at a pre-determined time. They’re as the name says breaks to eat drink etc and to clear up/check vicotry points. At each of these breaks you check who’s closest to an objective, whoever is closest is in control (units can only control 1 obj if they close to 2). You get 1 strategic victory point for
each objective you control at the 1st break, on the 2nd break you get 2 points, 3rd 3 etc. Then 1 last check for objectives at the end of the game. There’s no set amount of breaks, but I imagine it’ll be something like 2-3 breaks + end game.

You can also gain bonus points by:
Destryoying a super-heavy vehicle (1 point)
Killing a gargantuan creature
Killing a warmaster (the overall commander)
Stopping a finest hour (killing the warlord while he’s doing the finest hour/sons of the primarch)

Highest points wins as normal but you can also „spend“ these points for:
Bringing back a single model that has been completely destroyed of not more than 15 hull points.
And to power up some strategic assets.
Each player can only do this once.

What are the scenarios?

There’s 6 in the normal part, + 3 more for warzone: Armageddon.

All armies on the same side are treated as Allies. Armies from the same codex but commanded by different players are considered battlebrothers. Armies that according to the allies matrix ally are „come the apocalypse“ count each other as desperate allies. It doesnt say that you HAVE to use the allies matrix in fact it says „alternatively“ for when you cant decide which players are put in which team.

FOC and Scoring Units
Biggy: No force organization chart, in fact something which I forgot to mention, ALL units are scoring, even HQ everything.

What is the book’s definition of a „break“?
Exactly as it sounds, it’s a lunch break etc, in their example there were 2 breaks, so scoring is done 1 startegic victory point per objective 1st break, 2 points for the 2nd break, and 3 points at the end.

Apocalypse Fortifications
The aquila strongpoint can be armed with macro cannon or vortex missile (it isnt remove everything it touches anymore although still powerful). They cost quite a bit, AV15 all sides. Macro cannon can fire in 2 way, 1st is 2 D shots large blast, 2nd apocalyptic megablast at S10/7/5 Ap1/4/6 (1st number for the 5″ at the centre, 5-10″ 2nd, 10-15″ 3rd). this shot also has a sonic boom rule, which affects flying stuff in the patch of the shell, not going to go into more detail as the mods will kick me out soon
Titan Optional Weapons
Can you please just confirm if Titans pay extra points for different weapons or as current they swap them out for free.
For old models like the reaver/phantom titans etc it’s still free to choose. Others like the tesseract vault/transcendant c’tan have to pay for their weapons, so maybe newer models will be following this example. The D weapon for the c’tan is hellstorm template, and it isnt the highest points cost ability that he gets, there’s 2 that cost more.

Imperial Guard

Lord Castellan’s Supreme Command.
Lord Castellan Creed includes him, Kell, a company command squad and an Imperial bastion. When his unit is in the bastion he can issue orders to units anywhere on the table. The master of ordnance can make D3+1 artillery bombardments instead of 1. The formation is a high command formation, so you receive 1 extra strategic asset normally in the break, in Creed’s case though you receive 2 assets.
Space Marines

Sons of Grimaldus
They all get feel no pain, all sword brethren gain fearless and hatred(orks). When charging any unit from codex Orks they gain furious charge. This formation is from Warzone :Armageddon so that’s why it’s themed against the orcs.
Black Templars
Black templars have 2 formations in Warzone armageddon, one’s for Land Raider Crusaders and the other for a company style.

Thunderhawk costs 215 points less, but to get the turbo laser it’s 90 points. AV is 12 12 10 (-2 from the rear) and Hull points is 9 only (would have been 12 normally). Has power of the machine spirit.

What do you get bonus wise for fielding the Space Wolf Formations, ie Great Company and such?

Great Company: stubborn for all.
All models in the formation re-roll their charge moves and re-roll to hit rolls on overwatch.
x1 per game start of assault phase all within 18″ of the wolf lord/Ragnar gain furious charge and fleet.
Librarius: 5 Runepristes is the same as 5 Llibarians: They’re a psychic choir formation (see the blog post from Loken for more info) and get a choir power. Warp charge 4, 24″, S, Ap1, Heavy 1, large blast, Vortex. Vortex doesnt destroy everything like it used to, it’s a normal D weapon but the blast stays on the table and scatters 2D6 each turn, on a double it disappears. In the case of this power though when it dispappears the game will start using the Seismic explosion rules as the vortex buries itself into the plant’s surface.
Brethren of the Great Wolf, which contains logan, njal, ulrik, arjac, bjorn and 1 wolf guard pack. It’s a high command formation, wolf guard needs to have the banner of the great wolf which within 24″ all have Furios charge. Formation has fear and all space wolves on the table have stubborn. Then all characters in the formation can all do the finest hour/sons of primarch buff not just one, but all at the same turn so it’s a mega strong unit for that turn.
Wolfpack Flanking Force, wolflord on wolf/canis wolfborn, 2+ thunderwolf units, 5+ fenrisian wolve packs. Acute senses, hit and run, outflank, rage and can charge in the turn they arrive from reserves


Lords of the Black Crusade,
Lord of the Black Crusade is Abaddon and Kharn, Ahriman, Lucius, Typhus or lords with mark of khorne instead of Kharn etc. High Command Formation. They can all use the finest hour/sons of primarch at the same turn.
The planet killer: once per game you can have Abaddon’s flagship start bombarding so from now on you start using the Magma Storm Unnatural Disaster table. You are the master of disaster as long as Abaddon is alive. Basically there’s a table you roll on and it affects everybody, but if you’re the master of disaster you’re the one that begins applying the results. so if you get a result to do D3 blasts and you roll a 3, the master of disaster places the 1st one, then your opponent, then the master, so yoou have that advantage when you roll an odd number.

The Lost and The Damned
Lost and the Damned: 1 Dark Apostle, 6+ chaos cultist units. Gain inflitrate. After each break you can return a single unit of cultists. All cultists in the formation have feel no pain and furious charge.

Legionnaire Warband
Legionnaire Warband: When in close combat with any loyal space marine they re-roll to hit every round of combat. And if they’re within 12″ of loyal space marines they get fearless. That’s the only rule.


Eldar Titan Holo-Fields
Before rolling for damage (including the destroyer table, so yes they work vs D weapons) you roll a D6 per hit so see if it hits the titan or the holo-field image. If it moved it hits on 4+, if it didnt hits on 3+. Same thing for he revenant. Phantom is pages 146-147, revenant 148-149 if you want to update the list

Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar formations are incredibly great in my opinion. There’s 5 of them. I’ll detail two of them:
Ravager Titan Hunters: Armoured spearhead formation. Any ravager within 6″ of the command vehicle (including the command vehicle) gets shrouded. The command vehicle has a shadow ray weapon in addition to the normal stuff. You shoot it before you shoot the rest of the dark lances. If it hits then any subsequesnt hits by any ravager in the formation will ignore the effect of Void shield, power fields AND eldar titan holo-fields. Range for the shadow ray is 36″.
Dark Olympiad. 1 succubus or lelith, 0+ hekatrix bloodbrides, 2+ wyches units, 1+ hellions, 0+ beastmasters, 1+ reavers. The beastmasters and the beast gain the efffects of combat drugs. With this formation you roll twice on the combat drugs table and apply BOTH. if you have duke sliscus you roll 3 dice and choose 2. Whenever anything from this formation gets a pain token you can give a free extra pain token to anything within 24″.

The tesseract vault chooses 2 powers (weapons) from 6. if you deploy the transcendent C’tan on it’s own (which counts as a gargantuan creature) you choose 1 power from 3, and 2 weapon powers from 6 again. C’tan outside of vault costs more than being inside. So buying the tesseract vault to field it as the Obelisk and tanscendent c’tan is quite a bargain in my opinion as you’ed be going very close to 1k points with just 1 purchase.

Tigershark isnt in the book, as you said it’s just been updated in IA3-2nd so there’s no units in the book other than formations for Tau.
The riptide wing contains 3+ riptides. Any riptide that shoots on a unit that another riptide has already shot at gets +1BS. Each Riptide within 6″ of another riptide can re-roll Nova reactor tests

Hierophant: is 250 points cheaper. Bio-cannon is assault 6, and he also has a 6+ inv save.

Vanguard infestation: 3+ genestealer broods, 3+ lictors (can be deathleaper). On the turn they arrive from reserve all enemy units within 36″ use their lowest LD. All unit are deployed like the lictor’s Chameleonic skin, even the genestealers
Living Fortress: 2 Hive Tyrants (can be Swarmlord), 3 tyrant guard, 3 hive guard. Feel no pain for all. Any tyranids within synapse range of a hive tyrant from this formation has the preferred enemy and counter attack rules.
If they’re attacked by a shooting attack they can form a Fortress of Chitin. They get shrouded and add +! to there armour saves but the formation moves as if in difficult terrain next turn. Btw this is a High Command formation, so extra asset

…sowie auf Commisar (Warseer) bezüglich einer aktualisierten Liste der Apocalypse-Formationen:

79 Baneblade
80 Banehammer
81 Banesword
82 Catachan Ambush Patrol
83 Doomhammer
84 Emperor’s Fist Tank Company
85 Emperor’s Talons Recon Company
86 Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Company
87 Hellhammer
88 Imperial Shield Infantry Company
89 Imperial Sword Heavy Weapon Company
90 Lord Castellan’s Supreme Command
91 Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite
92 Shadowsword
93 Steel Fury Baneblade Company
94 Stormlord
95 Stormsword
96-97 Battle Company
98 First Company Veterans
99 Librarius
100 Masters of the Chapter
101 Prediator Assassin Squadron
102 Scout Company
103 Imperial Fists Titanhammer Squad
104 Thunderhawk

105 The Black Rage
106 Lucifer Armoured Task Force
107 Wings of Sanguinius
108 Space Wolf Great Company
109 Space Wolf Librarius
110 Brethren of the Great Wolf
111 Wolfpack Flanking Force

112 Deathwing Redemption Force
113 Ravenwing Huntmasters
114 Brothers of the Flame
115 Dreadknight Brethren
116 Extermination Force
119 Cult of Destruction
120 Heldrake Fear Squadron
121 Lord of Skulls
122 Legionaire Warband
123 Lords of the Black Crusade
124 The Lost and Dammed
125 Thousand Sons War Coven
126 Tide of Spawn
127 Cohort of Blood
128 The Flaming Host of Tzeentch
129 The Great Promenade of Exquisite Excess
130 The Tallymen of Nurgle
131 Tetragon of Darkness
ORKS (7)
133 Battlewagon Steamrolla Squad
134 Burna-Bommer Skwadron
135 Da Bully Boyz
136 Dread Mob
137 Gargantuan Squiggoth
138-139 Stompa
140 Green Tide

143 Cloudstrike Squadron
144 Farseer Council
145 The Phoenix Court of Khiane
146-147 Phantom Titan
148-149 Revenant Titant
150 Sunstorm Squadron
151 Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad
152 Windrider Host

153 Carnival of Pain
154 Dark Olympiad
155 Kabalite Web Strike
156 Ravager Titan Hunters
157 Sickle Squadron
159 Barbed Heirodule
160 Carnifex Crusher Brood
161 Endless Swarm
162 Harridan
163 Heirophant Bio Titan
164 Living Fortress
165 Subterranean Swarm
166 Vanguard Infestation
169 Acquisition Phalanx
170 Baleful Necropolis
171 Infinite Phalanx
172 Obelisk
173 Tesseract Vault
174 Trancendent C’tan
175 The War Council of Mandragora
TAU (7)
177 Air Superiority Wing
178 Counterstrike Cadre
179 Kroot Hunting Pack
180 Optimised Stealth Group
181 Rapid Insertion Force
182 Riptide Wing
183 Skysweep Missile Defence
185 Grand Redoubt
186 Macro-cannon Aquilla Strongpoint
187 Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint
258-259? Reaver Titan
260-261? Warhound Titan
262 Heroes of Armageddon
263 Armageddon Stompa Hunters
264 Fortress of Arrogance
265 Imperial Vengeance Mechanized Company
266 Crusader Hailstorm Squadron
267 Sons of Grimaldus
268 The Legion Ascendant
269 Firestorm Nexus
270 Imperial Stronghold
ORKS (7)
271 Bikeboyz Kult of Speed
272 – 273 Big Mek Stompa
274 Karnage Skwadron
275 Ork Storma Elite
276 Overlord Von Strab
277 Red Skull Kommandoes
278 Stompa Mob

Weitere Infos auf 40Kings, Apocalypse40k oder auch BOLS.

Wenn in zwei Tagen Warhammer-Spieler aller Völker die Games Workshop Läden dieser Republik stürmen, wissen wir mehr 😉

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